Very few people hate winter more me. Now I'm not one to sit and whine about stuff, I know I'm in the north east region of the U.S. and that's just the it is, so I'm constantly on the hunt to make this season more enjoyable. My grandma visited me last month and she made me a bunch of knitted and crocheted goodies. This inspired me to take up knitting for the cold months.

So I present to you the eff winter scarf. It's so super soft and made to combat cold weather. Yeah it's snowing outside my window but once I put this scarf on and go outside that snow runs right back up where it came from. Eff you winter.

Oh and I've selected the most delicious 7 colors so that you won't be looking drab (See the last picture), including a fluorescent orange. Yes it will glow under a black light, just in case yer getting rave on this winter. This thing is 15" wide and 60" long.

This item is made to order and ships in 2 weeks.

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